Emergency Management in the Home

images-2Personal Disaster Plan

A personal disaster plan is imperative to have in place before a disaster occurs. Since agency personnel may not be available to visit at the time of the issuance of a disaster warning, staff will share emergency preparedness measures with you. After the ‘all clear signal’ in a disaster situation, staff will  contact you to insure your safety and plan follow-up visits accordingly.

Emergency Supply Kit

Staff will provide you with instructions on putting a home emergency supply kit together.

Disability/Special Needs                                             

Preparing for a disaster or serious local emergency is especially difficult and yet extremely important for persons who are frail, homebound, disabled, or health impaired. A disaster can disconnect vitally important in-home services and support. Additionally, many vulnerable Nebraska residents located in Lancaster County will also need special accommodations in the course of rescue, evacuation, or sheltering after a disaster.

The Special Needs Registry enables more vulnerable persons to lock information away about their health, limitations, and location. In a disaster, the Registry is unlocked and information is provided to emergency response agencies. The result is improved disaster services for persons who need special care and accommodations.

Register online at http://lancaster.ne.gov/emergency/needs/