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Caring for Aging Parents Puts Boomers in a Bind. Lots of families are dealing as best they can with the stress of running two households. Whether your parent lives with you, lives nearby or lives in another state, trying to juggle all these responsibilities is stressful, no matter how much support you have from family and friends.


“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

“We strive to keep our present, or future customers educated as a courtesy!  PHCS believes it’s a necessity when it comes to your health!”

Understanding Your Doctors and Other Caregivers

The Joint Commission  offers a helpful brochure:

Health Concerns are Managed

  • Medications are taken as prescribed.
  • Home care agencies, if required, are carefully selected and result in good fit with your Elder’s needs and preferences for care.
  • Services provided by home care agencies are monitored so your Elder feels at ease and continues to receive the best care.
  • Appointments with Doctors take place in a way that satisfies your Elder’s interest in having their concerns heard and acknowledged, and they receive the care they prefer and deserve.
  • Doctors’ orders for prescriptions are filled and directions for additional tests or appointments with other health providers are followed.
  • A communication link between doctors and families is maintained to facilitate the exchange of detailed, accurate, and timely information regarding the Elder’s health issues and status.
  • Conversations with Family members living close by or at a distance are frequent and ongoing so their Elder’s health issues can be discussed and informed decisions of necessary changes can be made and carried out.   (S:A)

Nebraska’s Resource for Seniors and Aging

Visit Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services website for more useful information:

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