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Offers the best affordable healthcare by allowing our valuable clients to remain in their homes comfortably! Here we provide top of the line medical assistance and treatment plans to site their needs. Our clients always have the freedom to the final say in their plan.

Types of Home Health Care Offered

SENIOR HEALTH CARE: Caring for Aging Parents puts Boomers in a bind.  Many families are dealing as best as they can with the stress of running two households. Whether your parent live with you, nearby or in another state, trying to juggle all these responsibilities is stressful, no matter how much support you have from family and friends.

INTERMITTENT HOME HEALTH CARE:  Offers Infrequent or Home Health Intermittent Care.  No matter what the need, Personal Health Care Services is there to serve you in the comfort of your own home.  We strive to keep our patients and their families educated to ensure quality care.   PHCS believes it’s a necessity when it comes to your health.

COMMUNITY RESOURCE COORDINATION: PHCS provides an on-staff highly trained Social Worker to assist our patients and their families in identifying personal care needs and assessing how community resources can help.

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: We implement the successful monitoring of medications our patient take in compliance with a medication regimen, while also ensuring that our patients are safely avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications. We have found this most helpful with those taking large numbers of medications. Taking multiple medications is known as polypharmacy, and it is particularly common among older adults, as they are more likely to need medications to manage an array of chronic conditions.

FALL PREVENTION PROGRAMS: Personal Health Care Services will assess the safety of the home and help create a unique program for our patients designed to eliminate fall risks.

DIETARY HEALTH CARE: PHCS values the diets of our clients.  A great diet plays a huge role in health recovery, weight management, and heart and organ function.  Whether our clients have a heart condition, high cholesterol, diabetes, or mobility restrictions, we provide top quality home health care services to improve the overall quality of life for our patients.

Conditions Treated:

Alzheimer’s Disease – For an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, the daily challenges can sometimes become overwhelming. Personal Health Care Services is there to offer you or your loved one the highest quality of care and assistance needed within the home.

Cancer – Advances in cancer treatment and changes in healthcare systems have led to shorter hospital stays and an increase in the number of people seeking treatment at home. If you or a loved one is coping with the daily stresses, challenges, physical, and emotional effects of cancer, we are here to help.

Cardiovascular Disorders – Every day, people of all ages face the challenges of living with a cardiovascular disorder. Whether you or a loved one was born with a cardiovascular condition or diagnosed with one later in life, we are here to help.

Endocrine Disorders – Personal Health Care Service’s compassionate caregivers will provide immediate and effective nursing care that is designed to meet the patient’s specific needs and address the functional limitations experienced by individuals who are living with an endocrine condition.

Gastrointestinal Disorders – Personal Health Care Service’s medical providers understand the challenges of gastrointestinal disorders and have the ability to help with activities of daily living and in-home nursing needs to offer the highest level of comfort and independence.

Infectious Disease and Immunologic Disorders – From treatment and supportive care to reduce the frequency of infections, to preventing complications and acute infections from becoming chronic, Personal Health Care Services understands the challenges of immunologic disorders and infectious diseases.

Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Disorders – Personal Health Care Services provides a range of care services for individuals with musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders that includes Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Bone Fractures, Fibromyalgia, Paget’s Disease, Sports Injuries, Reinforcement of Therapy Goals, Interventions, and more.

Neurological Disorders – Personal Health Care Services understands that if you or a loved one is faced with a longer-term disability as a result of a neurological disorder.

Renal and Urological Disorders – If you or a loved one is living with a renal or urological condition and all the associated challenges that it presents, Personal Health Care Services is there to provide the highest quality of care and necessary assistance needed at home.

Respiratory Disorders – Personal Health Care Services nurses and medical professionals have the training, education, and expertise to effectively treat patients living with even the most complex respiratory disorders.

Skin Disorders – Personal Health Care Services provides a continuum of care covering Bacterial Skin Infections, Wound Care/Wound Vac, Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin Cancers, Nail Disorders, Itching and Noninfectious Rashes, Blistering Diseases, Noncancerous Skin Growths, Sweating Disorders, Fungal Skin Infections, Viral Skin Infections, Parasitic Skin Infections, Pigment Disorders, Hair Disorders, and Pressure Sores.