Skilled Nursing Care

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PHCS Customer Resource Note:

Intermittent Home Care also known as “Intermittent Skilled Nursing Care” has been defined as “skilled nursing care”, that is provided or needed for fewer than seven days each week, or for fewer than eight hours each day for periods of 21 days or less (with extensions in exceptional circumstances when the need for additional care is finite and predictable). To meet the Medicare requirement for “intermittent” skilled nursing care, a patient must have a medically predictable, recurring need for skilled nursing services. In most instances, this definition will be met if a patient requires a skilled nursing service at least once every 60 days. (S:A)

Although most patients require services no more frequently than several times a week, Medicare will pay for part-time medically reasonable and necessary skilled nursing care seven days a week for a short period of time (two to three weeks). There may be a few cases involving unusual circumstances where the patient’s prognosis indicates a medical need for daily skilled services beyond three weeks. As soon as the patient’s physician makes this judgment, which usually should be made before the end of the three-week period, the HHA must forward medical documentation justifying the need for such additional services and include an estimate of how much longer daily skilled services will be required. A person expected to need full-time skilled nursing care over an extended period of time, e.g., a patient who requires institutionalization, usually would not qualify for home health benefits. (S:B)


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